Welcome To Vidhyabharati School!

VidhyaBharti School dreams to see every child become independent, sensitive, productive and responsible, ready to transform the world into a better place. The VidhyaBharti's school believes in imparting education which enters into the holistic and profound world of a child inculcating values like courtesy, gratitude and the enthusiasm to learn through the play - way method.

  • Creative Arts

    This program connects creativity and innovation at an early stage of children’s development.

  • Sports

    Physical activities play an essential role in the holistic development of students.

  • Transport

    Vidhyabharati School has a Van service to take children to and from the school.

  • Trips And Excursions

    Vidhyabharati School believes very strongly in the educational value of well-planned visits

  • Music & Dance

    Here provides training in a variety of disciplines in music and dance.

  • Social Outreach

    Vidhyabharati School Social Experience program provides students with abundant opportunities.

  • Fun Learning

    Students explore visual & other sensory experiences to communicate ideas and meanings they work with developing confidence, imagination and creativity.

  • Picnic

    Away from the burden of the books and far from the madding crowd of the city in the lap of the nature. what a great pleasure it could be for our students.

  • Skating

    Skating is one of the favorite activity for most of the children, so we have skating class for all the students, all the students take very active part.

  • Yoga

    Yoga is a disciplined method utilized for attaining a goal. Keeping in mind the health of our students along with education in Vidhyabharati School

Questions And Answers
Can you explain about your school in brief ?

VidhyaBharti School dreams to see every child become independent, sensitive, productive and responsible, ready to transform the world into a better place.

What kind of infrastructure and facilities do you offer ?

Keeping in tune with technology driven modern times, Vidhyabharati English school ensures that practical knowledge is placed on a equal footing as theoretical knowledge, and is given due emphasis for the students all-round development. for this purpose the School has laboratories in numerous disciplines, which provide in depth knowledge to its students.

What are the safety and security measures followed in your school ?

The safety of children is of utmost importance to us. The school is having the Group 4 security. Our security staff is well trained and well disciplined. They maintain the highest standards of dress and deportments.

What kind of staff do you have ?

We have dedicated team working round the clock to provide a good education to your child. The administrative staff looks after the day to day running of the school. All important matters such as security transport and maintenance is looked after by them.

Academics & Scholastics

VidhyaBharti's school welcomes you. Here our children get disciplined education of course with play-way method, also learn important factors like courtesy , virtue , good manners , hard work and smart work too.

  • System : Individual class work checking
  • Counselling : Seek the advice & guidance
  • Examination : Details are given well in advance
  • Admission Procedure : Admission in our School
  • Methodology : E - Learning

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